The following is a proud display of the dogs I have had the privilege of breeding, owning or showing.

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"The Guy at Kayak":

 CH Kayak's Wild Bleu Yonder - "Pilot" 


"The GIRLS  that keep the GUY in line at Kayak":

  Kayak's Sumiro So Fortu-Nate  -  "Kate"

   Kayak's Nothing But Trouble - "Karly"



"The Un Siberians":

   Festiva's Winter Masquerade  -  "Bella"





Dogs bred by Kayak or co-owned with friends:

    Kayak's Karamad Kare Bear - "Frankie"

   Karamad's Kayak Classic Rock - "Topaz"

  CH Kayak's Charmed I'm Sure - "Piper" 

  GRCH Kayak's Pagan Moon - "Luna"  

   CH Karamad's Sumiro Possibilities - "Herbie"

  CH Sumiro's Kayak Bleu Fleurtation - "Chibi"

   Karamad Sumiro Rydin' High  -  "Ella"

  CH Karamad's Lil Eyesa Blue  -  "Liza"



Kayak's Memory Lane -Beyond the bridge, but never forgotten:

CH.  Sumiro's Trouble A' Bruin O' Kayak - "Hana"   

Kayak's Sassy Chassis - "Sassy"

 CH  Karamad's Kayak Carousel of Time - "Kari"

   Kayak's Public Enemy Number One - "Dillinger"

Amahok's Turn Back Time - "Turner"   

Karamad's Kayak Sky's the Limit - "Sky"  

Karamad's Kayak Indian Summer - " Summer"

Amahok's Smoking Gun - "Smokey"

Amahok's Hellon Wheels - "Helen"

  Amahok's Smoking Gun - "Smokey" 

  CH. Kayak's Sharp Shooter - "Annie"

 CH Sumiro's Bounty Hunter - "Bowler"

Kayak's Belle Star - "Belle"

Kayak's Practical Magic  -  "Spirit"

Kayak's California Dream'n - " Cassie" 

Kayak's Cover Girl - "Ellie"

Ch.  Kayak's Winterhawk of Amahok  -  "Stormy"

Ch. Kayak's Wind Fire - "Windy"

Ch. Siberia's Cinnamon of Amahok - "Cinnamon"






Retired Show Prospects, Rescue Dogs Available to New Homes:

Occasionally, there are dogs here that are seeking  new homes. These may be older puppies or young adults or an occasional rescue.   Please e-mail for a current list of available dogs and information and photos of them.



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