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July 5. 1996  to   February 5, 2006

Summer was a wonderful house companion.  Her easy going personality made her a joy to share time with.  She loved just hanging out.  She was a lovely blend of her parents and a real sweetheart to live with.

Sleep tight my friend, we miss you.

You must have been a beautiful baby   .   .   .   .

Summer was awarded Best in Sweeps with an entry of 43 puppies under Ms. Bernadette Quercio-Steele at one of her first shows Jan.24,1997.  She also won her class or placed the other 2 days with entries of 13 puppy girls in the 6-9 class.   At just over 6 months of age she showed us what a showgirl she can be. 


.   .   .   .because baby, look at you now !!


OFA SH-13293E34F-T

 SHOR# SH7525/03

Bred by:   Sherri Del Pozo & Marcy Lew & Cheryl Patchen

Owned and loved by: Marcy Lew,  co-owned with Sherri Del Pozo & Lori Winton


Summer is the producer of:

Courtesy of Amahok's Chadron Pride of Troy:

Chyndadn's Kayak Indian Angel  - "Indi"



Red & white female 
Blue eyes
DOB 7-5-96
                                   CH. SAHARA'S SNOWDANCER                                    
                    CH. RAINY NIGHT'S DEBUT OF SYNTARI 
                                   Bldiask's Prime Time Toots 
               CH SYNTARI'S SAMIQ
                                   CH. ARTICREST'S NATURAL RHYTHM                    
                    CH HUSKAVARNA'S MINIMUM WAGE 
                                   CH KONTOKI'S PICK-UP ARTIST

 Karamad's Kayak Indian Summer
                                   CH AMAHOK'S FRONTIER JUSTICE
                    Amahok's Fugitive From Justice
                                   CH. CraKARA'S SUMIRO C-MY BB BLEUS
               Karamad's Windswept Snowblink 
                                   CH. AADAK'S HERE'S LOOKINATCHA KID
                    Tanacross Look Who's Talking
                                   Tanacross Tanqueray "N" Tonic 


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