Those wonderful companion dogs  .  .  where are they now?

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  We stay in contact with all puppy buyers and love to receive up-dates and photos.  The following are photos of some of those lucky dogs that found wonderful homes.  Thank you to all the folks that have provided homes for our furkids!  Keep those photos coming.                                  

Tokai (Turner x Hana)Rt. came to visit and took home a buddy, Poppy (Bruin x Kari) Lft. 6-23-12

Piper chill'n with her family.  11-09

Piper (Turner x Hana) is enjoying her new home with her buddy Jolt. ~ 6-09

Kai has a new buddy whose name is Cobalt (Pilot x BlueCobalt has joined the Craig family.  ~ 1-09

While the show dogs were in Arizona I snuck off to the races to watch

Zach (Sky x Kari&  Lelo (Turner x Sassy) race,  piloted by their owner Sheryl

3-2-08  Shaver Lake, CA

Toki (Turner x Hana) his buddy Misha (CH Rockland's Starr Attraction x Keyara) came to visit at a show. ~2-08


Angelus (Sky x Belle) and Storm (Smokey x Summer) send these Christmas photos ~12-07


Kai has gone to her new home with David and Jenn and her new Siberian brother Chinook

Emmie has found her forever home with Robert and Ann.  She also has a new Siberian brother named Snickers and promises new photos soon. ~ 8-07

Roxie (Kobi x Hana) send these photos of the good life ^,,^  ~ 1-07

Zach (Sky x Kari&  Lelo (Turner x Sassy) out for a training run with Sheryl ~~ 11-06



Angelus (Sky x Belle) and Storm (Smokey x Summer) send these photos from their new vacation house  ~ 5-06



Shilo (Kobi x Hana) sends these photos of herself.

Roxy (Kobi x Hana) enjoying a day at the snow ~~ 2-06


Blue (Kobi x Hana) enjoys a family outing to the snow.  ~  2-06

Ivan snoozing with his owner Kathryn  ~ 2-06

CC (Willie x Sassy) sends these photo of herself and her buddy Czar.  12-05

This is the newest photo of Ivan taken 10-05

Toki (Turner x Hana) ready to go backpacking  8-05

Ivan sends these photos of his houseboat vacation at Lake Shasta 7-05  What a life!


Lelo (Turner x Sassy) and Zach sharing the good life 6-05

Lilo 5-15-05


Slate (Turner x Hana) lives in Utah with his Siberian buddy Jaden. ~ 2005

Running right wheel is Lilo (Turner x Sassy) out for a run with her buddies ~ 2005

Angelus (Sky x Belle) and Storm (Smokey x Summer) send these photos of fun in the snow.  ~ 11-04

Nola and Trian ~ 10-04

Angel (Sky x Belle) sends this photo of how great her life is with Al McVay and family.


Angelus and Storm kick'n back


Train & Nola (Turner x Hana) sent these current photos ~~5-04

These two cuties recently graduated from their first obedience class.  Train was awarded "Best Recall" with Nola (the little redhead) a close second.  Nola's handler, Lisa was awarded "Most Enthusiastic Handler"

CC (Willie x Sassy) sends this current photo  5-04  ^,,^


Wyatt and his dad Ryan


Wyatt (Ryan x Belle) came to visit his family hang out.  Special thanks to Randy and Deb for bringing this handsome guy by for a visit ~  8-03

Lilo sends this new photo of herself and Kody and Kayla ~~7-03

Lilo has gone to her new home with Sheryl O'Rourke's family and has 2 Siberian siblings Kody & Kayla..


Angelus (Sky x Belle) and Storm (Smokey x Summer) enjoying an early morning run at the beach.  These boys own Rodrigo and Celeste Sales.

Best Buds, Angelus and Storm sent this most resent photo of themselves ~ 7-03

This is Jesse (Willie x Sassy) and his buddy Cyber




Angel (Sky x Belle) is living with Al McVay and family as their companion.


Rocky (Smokey x Summer) & Ya-ya (Smokey x Summer) are sharing their new life with Steve & Jennifer

Maverick ( Riker x Starrlee) and family  ^,,^

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